Madonna‬ will promote Rebel Heart Album & The “Living for Love” video should be released in February

28 Décembre 2014, 09:49am

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Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary wanted to do a 15 minutes Twitter Q&A about Madonna’s album “Rebel Heart”! Check out the full Q&A...

Q: Is there really going to be 19 tracks on the album?
A: yes. 19 tracks on the album

Q: March release?
A: the plan was to release the album late in April. Them with the leaks we decided for early march.

Q: When can we expect the next video? LOVE the album!!!!!!
A: thank you. “Living for Love” video has not been shot yet. The single was supposed to come out valentines day week..

Q: when is the first music video released
A: hope to have “Living for Love” video released for first week of February.

Q: Will Madonna be doing any UK promo
A: yes. U.K. promo will happen. We had a plan for it. Now we need to put together a new plan.

Q: which song is your favorite?
A: currently #Ghosttown

Q: what will be the first video?
A: first video will be for “Living for Love”

Q: will u actually promote this album?
A: yes. This album will have promotion..

Q: what about the demo song two steps behind me? it is for lady gaga?
A: that song is NOT about gaga or anyone in particular.

Q: what about the demo song two steps behind me? it is for lady gaga?
A: the song is an unfinished demo she had no intention of finishing or releasing along with many others..

Q: Hi Guy, I’m a bit tardy… Is there hope that you’ll find the person who stole the demos?
A: we are working hard to solve this crime.. @madonna feels extremely violated to have her unfinished work stolen and released

Q: is there a 2015 tour in your plans?
A: a lot of tour questions from everyone. I don’t have anything to report regarding tour…….. Yet.

Q: has the second single been chosen yet?
A: second single has not been chosen

Q: We Want “Mtv Unplugged” with Madonna, anota aí <3
A: I would like that too. Maybe one day.

Q: will there be 19 songs or tracks that are interludes??
A: 19 full songs.

Q: does @Madonna know her real fans aren’t behind the leaks
A: she’s knows.

Q: are you proud of M?
A: I’m very proud of her. I’m loving the music. I listened to #Ghosttown all day today. Last week was all about #DevilPray

Q: You’re online and aware of all those leaks, and nothing has been done yet, I know many websites and forums where liks spread
A: doing what we can Oscar. This was a crime and we are dealing with it

Q: Is Madonna ready to use more Twitter???
A: she’s an Instagram gal… But she will definitely talk to her fans here in the new year to answer many of your questions directly

Q: When will you start promoting the sigle? @guyoseary
A: in the new year. But we don’t have anything immediately planned. The leaks happened last Tuesday. We are rushing now.

Q: Madonna will direct a new movie next year?
A: no directing movie next year… 2015 = All #RebelHeart

Q: Madonna still hates Gaga?
A: She has NO ill will towards gaga. It’s nonsense She was listening to the Tony Bennett duet album last week and appreciating it

Q: Are you living for love, Guy?
A: yes I am.

Q: She was extremely upset with the leaks, but please tell me that she smiled when she saw the number one
A: she was happy about number 1 album on itunes global but unfortunately leaks of stolen music did not allow her to enjoy it..

Q: Are you going to re-launch the album?
A: yes. We must launch in the new year. This wasn’t really a launch. We did our best under the circumstances. Thank you @Interscope

Q: I just want to express my sympathy to you & @Madonna. As I read your replies to this Q&A It’s really a bit heart breaking. #Leaks
A: thank you

Q: we want another #AskMadonna Make this happen please
A: yes. That would be great in the new year.

Q: Guy when will we get LFL video??
A: February

Q: a lot of fans would love to have printed lyrics on the album booklet again, is that a possibility?
A: ok. Will work on it

Q: The album is already completely finished?
A: almost finished. Needs a little more work in the new year. Almost done

Q: does madonna hate us little monsters? I’m a madonna and GAGA fan
A: it’s great that you support both artists. Why shouldn’t you?

Q: Would love to see Madonna & Britney work together again?
A: yes. They are friends. It’s been a long time since they collaborated. It would be great #maverickfamily

Q: Has a director(s) for the #livingforlove video been selected yet & who is it??
A: a director has been selected.

Q: Everyone I know loves to death Ghosttown including myself. Why is this not a single? In a movie soundtrack?
A: We didn’t know we were releasing any music until last week. #Ghosttown and the rest were to wait until late April..

Q: Will @aliciakeys appear on the next video playing the piano?
A: unfortunately not, she’s having a baby. @aliciakeys lights up any place she appears. Love her ! #wearehere #maverickfamily

Q: THANKS for being so kind with us!
A: thank you.

Q: can you help put an end to Madonna fans always sending hate towards Gaga pls x8
A: and you do the same with gaga fans. Everyone should support one another. “Music, makes the people, come together”…

Q: I just want to thank her for posting so much fan artwork! I had the pleasure of having my drawing posted and am beyond grateful!
A: which one did you do? I love all the artwork the fans are doing. Really beautiful.

Q: does Madonna like Lana Del Rey?
A: yes she does.

Q: how was madonna reaction about all her songs leaking?
A: she was and still is devastated over the stolen unfinished music… We rushed released 6 songs.. We were not prepared.

Q: as is the relationship of Madonna with Katy? they already thought about doing music together? 
A: that would be great. Nothing yet.

Q: Do you have any idea how many singles/videos will be released?
A: not sure how many. I’d love to see a video for #Ghosttown but nothing has been decided other than #livingforlove

Q: Madonna is number 4 on Worldwide iTunes Album Chart
A: yes. Really amazing with no set up. We are VERY grateful. With no video no radio no promo it will go down… Relaunch in 2015.

Q: madonna and miley still friends? there may be some collaboration between the two?
A: they are close friends. And support one another. #maverickfamily

Q: Why was Rebel heart choosen like a Album’s name?????
A: initially it was considered to be a double album. Half Rebel + half Heart.

Q: Will the released songs be available on other platforms? Besides iTunes.
A: yes it will.