Different covers for Madonna "Rebel Heart" Album

4 Février 2015, 23:10pm

Publié par MadonnaArtVision

The date of release of the new Madonna album is coming! MadonnaTribe gives us exclusive details on the covers of Rebel Heart.  There will be three different covers with...

Rebel Heart is approaching and it’s time to have a deeper look at its release formats and cover artworks.The release of Madonna’s 13th studio album is set to become a collector’s dream – or nightmare, depending on your point of view – because additional versions – both physical and digital – keep being added to the release schedule.

The Standard, DeLuxe and Super DeLuxe packages will be joined by more additional formats, which will carry different designs and will vary according to the different local markets, with some dedicated versions possibly released locally and not worldwide.

The Rebel Heart covers will be based on three completely different artworks! The main cover will be based on the image you are already familiar with, and in pure Rebel/Heart style the two additional artworks will head to two different directions. One will be the “safer” version aimed to retailers that usually carry clean versions of the CD and are not comfortable with edgy imagery, and another one will once again push the envelope with a strong and daring artwork that will bring you back to the imagery of Madonna’s Sex book.

Standar Edition