Exclusive Interview with Lynn Ban: At the Grammys, Madonna has proved that she is the Queen!

10 Février 2015, 00:52am

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Madonna Art Vision is very happy to present an exclusive interview with Lynn Ban. This jeweler and designer created a lot of jewelry for Madonna for the Grammy Awards, Living For Love video, Uomo Vogue Mojo Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Superbowl and more. She looks back on her collaborations with the Queen of pop! 

What are you up to these days? 
Are you working on any kind of project right now? Right now I’m working on some special pieces for a top New York designer showing next week. 

What inspires you to create? 
Where does your inspiration for jewellery comes from? Mostly I am inspired by music and fashion. I’m always really inspired by the artists I work with-especially Madonna.

How was the experience of the Grammy Awards? We saw the beautiful cross rings that Madonna wore on the red carpet...
Madonna totally killed it at The Grammys. This is a rock n roll show-not the Oscars-and she is the only artist who took a risk and didn’t look like a bride or mother of the bride if you know what I mean? She has no fear and does not care what people think about her. She has proven that she is the QUEEN! The cross rings from my latest collection were inspired by her and I knew that B Akerlund and Madonna would love them. So voila! She did!


Tell us about your first collaboration with Madonna...
First collaboration was with Arianne Phillips for her Give Me All Your Luvin video. Immediately after that I got a call from B. Akerlund to work on the Super Bowl.

How does it work? For example, a photoshoot. When you have to create a jewel especially for this occasion. Do you get any special requests? 
With Madonna, first we get the call from Arianne or B. Akerlund- they are always very specific and know exactly what they want. We then drop everything and go in to overdrive to make or find what they need for the project.

We really like the cross nose cuff Madonna wore for the cover of MOJO magazine. Who's behind this one-of-a-kind idea?And what do you think of this religious cross Madonna seems eager to eat…?
I was asked by Arianne Phillips to make this special piece so all credit goes to her for the idea. I really like the piece and so did Madonna-she kept it.


You told us Madonna was a great inspiration for you...
I grew up with Madonna and there is no bigger influence to me than her. She taught us how to dress, how to think, how to express ourselves as women. In every one of my collections I do a piece or pieces as a tribute to her, inspired by her incredible style.

Did you create jewellery pieces for the clip "Living for love"?
Yes we created the Thorn Cross necklace in gold and diamonds that she wears in the video.

Your jewellery has attracted many celebrities like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga around the world, is there any dream you still wish to accomplish? 
I would love to design and create tour looks for Madonna. I have done 3 tours for Rihanna who I also really love and inspires me. She is also a huge fan of Madonna!

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