Madonna's Rebel Heart album booklet details

23 Février 2015, 16:50pm

Publié par MadonnaArtVision

MadonnaTribe gives some exclusive details to share about the design of the 19-track Deluxe version of Madonna‘s 13th studio release...

We’ve been told that the booklet is visually stunning – but this is probably not a big news as the images we’ve seen so far online are all amazing.
Almost all of them will be part of the album booklet – with one picture missing that will probably considered a notable exception. Of course there will be more images, and the new ones are all beautiful and visually striking. Expect more red, more blood (not necessarely in red), more laces, and also swords and nails!

Those who were hoping that a change in the tradition of Madonna’s recent releases would bring back the full lyrics in the album artwork will unfortunately be disappointed – this time again there will be mainly images and some extra text, and apparently the album credits will be lacking, too.

On the other hand, if you were impressed as much as we were by the heart in hand image shared by Mert Alas on Instagram in December last year and wondered if it was going to make the album back cover, well, you got it right!