Madonna Survives Destruction with Terrence Howard in 'Ghosttown' Video

8 Avril 2015, 20:39pm

Publié par Madonna Art Vision

From Billboard... We have yet to see a Madonna guest appearance on Fox's smash drama Empire, but the closest we have come thus far is the new music video for her latest Rebel Heart single, "Ghosttown." Yes, that's Terrence Howard, better known as Lucius Lyon, surviving the apocalypse and pointing a sniper rifle at the Queen of Pop before elegantly busting a move with her.

After waking up in the scourge of a nuked-out world, Madonna feels her way through the deserted society, I Am Legend-ing it up while Terrence Howard's brooding loner suspiciously looks on. Eventually the two humans come into contact, inching toward each other until clasping their hands and dancing the forbidden dance of the last man and woman on earth. "Ghosttown" makes for a fitting soundtrack to the impressive choreographed sequence, although the image of a weary Howard proudly grasping the hand of a boy at the end of the video makes one long for a few seconds of "Drip Drop" as well.

Jonas Åkerlund helmed the new music video after directing the clips for Madonna singles like "Ray of Light" and "Music," among others. "Ghosttown" is the second single from Madonna's Rebel Heart, which was released last month and was blocked from the top of the Billboard 200 albums chart by… the soundtrack to the first season of Empire.

A behind-the-scenes companion to the "Ghosttown" video is currently available of Tidal. Madonna kicks off her Rebel Heart World Tour on Aug. 29.