Madonna Teases Rebel Heart Tour Setlist

18 Juillet 2015, 14:38pm

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Currently Madonna is rehearsing for her next tour, the Rebel Heart Tour. On her Instagram account, the queen of pop teases titles she's rehearsing in New York...

# Holiday
# Between the Bars
# Iconic (with video interlude)
# Holy Water
# Unapologetic Bitch
# Like a Virgin
# Into the Groove
# Devil Pray
# La Isla Bonita
# Justify my Love
# HeartBreakCity
# Love Do not Live Here Anymore
# Body Shop
# Who's That Girl
# Deeper and Deeper
# True Blue
# Dress You Up


Udpate 2 - "Holiday' will be part of the Rebel Heart setlist 

Mike Dean (Houston producer/engineer) is currently working with Madonna on the Rebel Heart Tour and confirmed “Holiday” will be part of the setlist! He was interviewed by The Fader...

The Fader: What are you working on these days?
Mike Dean: I’m working on Madonna’s tour right now, helping her put her show together. It’s cool: taking old songs and making the old stuff match the new stuff. I try to use all the same sounds I use on music now. Drums. Replace bass lines with 808s. Trap snares, hi-hats—all that shit. It’s kind of cool. We’re working on “Holiday” right now.

The Fader: What’s the most important part of translating songs for performance?
Mike Dean: With Kanye, we don’t do that much. We just add stuff on top of the tracks—add new stuff. It’s different every day, depending on how you feel; there’s nothing written in stone with how we play. Madonna’s more locked in with all her performances, but she has surprises every night—a big giant production.


Update 1 -

# Mike Tyson revealed he just shot a video for "Iconic" song for Rebel Heart Tour!

# Madonna​ will be performed Between the Bar...
"Drink up baby, stay up all night
With the things you could do
You won't but you might

# Steven Klein and Arianne Philipps have shot a video this past weekend with Madonna! The Queen and posted a shot of her in a dress very similar to the one worn to the ’91 Academy Awards.

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