Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Stage by Stufish

27 Septembre 2015, 20:25pm

Publié par Madonna Art Vision

The Rebel Heart Tour has provided Stufish a chance to once again work on a spectacular show by Madonna, where the production value and attention to detail is some of the highest in rock and roll/pop entertainment. The stage and set design for the 2012 MDNA tour were incredible, and still, Rebel Heart tops that. Stufish have designed elaborate and bespoke statement props for one of the world’s most iconic performers of all time, as well as an intimate experience for the audience to witness one of the greatest shows of all time.

The show is a seamless transition between staging, choreography, scenic props, performers, musicians, lighting and video. All departments work together to create a bold and individual performance that constantly changes throughout the show. 

The stage shape is derived from a hybrid of an arrow, a cross and a heart. A long narrow catwalk leading from the main stage divides the audience down the centre and extends deep in to the arena culminating into the heart shaped stage. Half way down the catwalk is the horizontal cross stage spanning almost the entire width of the arena. This stage formation allows Madonna and her dancers to reach more audience, closer up and more intimately than ever before. 

he main kinetic feature of the stage is a complex “machine”, which allows for various acrobatic and scenic moments throughout the show. The machine is a 28ft wide x 16ft high video screen deck that assumes numerous positions; It can be flush with the main stage as flooring, act as an 8ft raised platform, a vertical wall that can tilt from flat to ninety degrees in 30 seconds and be an angled wall that performers can ride. There are specialized bungee points built in to the top edge of the machine which let performers flip, tumble, run and roll up and down the ramp, hang from and free run on the wall in any of these positions.