Madonna shows why she’s the Queen on her Rebel Heart Tour

14 Septembre 2015, 22:57pm

Publié par Madonna Art Vision

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“Bitch, I’m Madonna!”

That is a prominent phrase in the latest spectacle produced by non-other than the queen of pop, Madonna. The 57 year-old veteran proved her status on top of the throne as she performed an oldie-heavy set as part of her Rebel Heart Tour in Washington, D.C. on Saturday night.

Impressive costumes, controversial themes, and intense choreography orchestrated the 13th world tour by the Michigan-native. While her new material delivered impeccable performances such as the Matador-inspired, Grammy show version performance of “Living For Love” and the Last Supper portrayal of “Devil Pray,” it was great reinventions (something she really knows how to do best) of some old hits that truly displayed her stage presence as the best female entertainer the world has ever seen.

A medley of songs in a way of Spanish acoustics consisting of “Dress You Up,” “Into The Groove,” “Everybody,” and “Lucky Star,” had followed up a nice rendition of “La Isla Bonita.” This became a highlight of the show, which had everyone on their feet. “Like A Virgin” had Madonna on center stage, all alone, just dancing like nobody’s watching – giving that ‘good feeling’ vibe to the concert.

Another intense moment occurred when Madonna got on a pole, which was essentially a cross, and stood on a half-naked nun while slowing down perhaps her biggest hit, “Vogue.” But that wasn’t the only jaw-dropping moment, as during one of her songs a male dancer dressed like a preacher opens the singer’s legs simulating oral sex and she says “Yeezus loves my pussy best.”

Provocative? No doubt. In fact, that’s what Madonna said was the reason why President Barack Obama may have not attended her show in the nation’s capital. “I invited him,” she said. Soon after that, she dedicated a beautiful version of “La Vie En Rose” to him – which showcased one of the talents she doesn’t get enough credit for, her good vocals.

Having little to prove, Madonna keeps surpassing the only thing she worries about now … herself. As long as she keeps outdoing her past works, she will keep doing it. And as long as she keeps selling out arenas all over the world, she will keep touring.

“Thank-you for following me for three decades,” she mentioned before singing her fan-dedicated song ‘Rebel Heart.’ “Thanks to you my kids go to good schools.”

Closing up the show, Madonna used a Gatsby-like setting for the ‘party’ segment. Here she performed “Material Girl,” “Music,” and “Candy Shop.”

As an encore and with her full team of dancers, Madonna emerged all dressed up in red, white, and blue in honor of the United States to a happy “Holiday” which created a concert-experience like no other.

Noted, Madonna seems to be less about staying focused and more about having a good time on stage compared to her past world treks. This time she’s enjoying herself more, dancing more, and being a true rebel.

With that, it’s a guarantee that nobody puts on a show like Madonna. And yes bitch, she’s Madonna.