Madonna Retrofit Resurrection By Lukesavant

30 Décembre 2015, 22:19pm

Publié par Madonna Art Vision

Listen and discover this so amazing compilation by Lukesavant

it sounds so good!


Madonna Retrofit Resurrection By Lukesavant

1-Turn Up the Radio (Lukesavant Remodel)
2-Bitch I'm Madonna Featuring Nicki Minaj (Lukesavant Summer Acoustic Rework)
3-Beat Goes On Featuring Kanye West & Pharrell Williams (Lukesavant Rework)
4-Iconic (Lukesavant Rework)
5-Devil Pray (Lukesavant Redesign)
6-Justify My Love (Lukesavant Rework)
7-Addicted (To The One That Got Away) (Lukesavant Redesign)
8-HeartBreak City (Lukesavant Vs. Cleo Club Gig)
9-Heaven (Lukesavant Bootleg)
10-I Don't Give A (Lukesavant Remodel)
11- Bitch I'm Madonna (Lukesavant Best Night Slo-Dub)
12-Swim (Lukesavant Drowned Rework)
13-Ghosttown (Lukesavant Rework)
14-Inside Out (Lukesavant Remodel)
15-Living For Love (Lukesavant vs Wave-Nebula Remodel)
16-Devil Pray (Lukesavant Reprise)

**Individual tracks NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD**