Madonna, Ray of Light by Juan Bermudez

10 Mars 2013, 13:21pm

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Pour fêter la 15ème bougie de Ray of Light, nous vous proposons de jeter un regard sur les créations de Juan Bermudez. Cet artiste argentin s'illustre depuis plusieurs années dans la réalisation de tour book, covers de singles et albums de Madonna.


Il nous confie ses impressions et inspirations sur Ray of Light... 

"As every album of her every time you listen to it, you discover new things, sounds, words, meanings. And I grew up as an teenager listening to it. It was the very first CD I bought by myself I Was 13. It was a treasure for me at that time... technology came very late in my house. It was a big change. I was learning english at that moment too and I still learn thing from it. It´s very deep, It´s my favourite album of Madonna. I still remember how nervous I was to hear the whole album for the first time. It was very touching."


"The pictures, photos were just amazing by itself so I wanted something important but didn´t want to get much attention so I start playing with the official logo with numbers the 13 number that was very important in that album. It´s a lucky number. I was inspired by LOTUS flowers too,  all that came in that minimal line draws and to develope the concept behind the album. One thing was the lyrics, very moving, very deep and personal and the other thing was the modern music, techno, dance. So that´s why I put together in a kind of mirror, one image at naturel the other is coloured and inverted and the idea was to help to get the idea of duality behind it."


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