Madonna to exhibit iconic outfits/Pop-up Exhibition at Macy's: Pictures and Video

26 Avril 2013, 16:53pm

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Today, Madonna will exhibit her most iconic outfits at a pop-up exhibition at Macy's Century to Los Angeles.


Updating - Pictures


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More pictures on Facebook: Special one-night-only Madonna Costume Exhibit at Macy's L.A ! 








First pictures... 311005_245800242211970_16509668_n.jpg




The exhibit include...

# The wedding dress used for the “Like a Virgin” performance at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards “Like a Virgin” performance

# Two corset looks from 1990’s “Blonde Ambition” tour

# Opening “Vogue” look from her 2004 “Re-Invention” tour

# Black satin bustier with gold nipple caps and tassels from the “Open Your Heart” video

# Printed neon green stretch skirt she wore in the 1984 “Borderline” video

and MORE...