Madonna tops "The Greatest Super Bowl Halftime Shows" Readers' Poll (Rolling Stone)

30 Janvier 2013, 23:38pm

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La semaine dernière, Rolling Stone demandait à ses lecteurs de sélectionner les meilleurs shows pour la célèbre prestation "Super Bowl Halftime Show"! Les résultats viennent de tomber ! Madonna a été élue N°1 du classement avec le show qu'elle a livré, le 05 février 2012.


Voici ce qu'ils en disent...

Madonna had a very ambitious tour plan for 2012, and the single best way to promote it was a Super Bowl halftime show. She went all out for the performance, bringing in Cee Lo Green, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and even acrobats. The set was wall-to-wall hits with her pretty flaccid new single "Give Me All Your Luvin'" in the middle. M.I.A. tried to perk up the song by sticking her middle finger up on camera, which didn't exactly thrill Madonna or the NFL – though next to Nipplegate, it was a pretty tiny scandal. The next day, tickets went on sale for her world tour and sold out everywhere. 


Le top 10...

#1 - Madonna

#2 - Bruce Springstenn & the E Street Band

#3 - U2

#4 - Prince

#5 - Michael Jackson

#6 - The Rolling Stones

#7 - The Who

#8 - Tom Petty

#9 - Janet Jackson

#10 - Paul McCartney


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