The Top 10 Perfomances On Madonna's MDNA Tour by BuzzFeed Community

10 Mai 2013, 09:10am

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BuzzFeed Community has realized a top 10 performances of the MDNA Tour! And you what is your #TOP 10 ?


Madonna announced today that her MDNA Tour, the highest grossing tour of 2012, will air on premium channel EPIX on June 22. Known for her phenomenal tours, Madonna pulled out all the stops on MDNA. Lets count down the top performances of the tour. 


#10 - Open Your Heart


Madonna has teased fans with "Open Your Heart" on many of her previous tours, but she hasn't performed the full song since 1990's Blond Ambition Tour. Teaming up with the Kalakan Trio, and blending the song with their signature "Sagarra Jo" (Basque for "Smashing Apples"), we are given a tribal, percussive reworking. Aside from being a classic, fans were especially delighted with a cameo from Madonna's son Rocco.



#9 - I'm Addicted


Reminiscent of "Sky Fits Heaven" from 2001's "The Drowned World Tour", "I'm Addicted" features a Kung Fu Madonna dancing to a thumping bass with some of the most amazing tour lighting ever seen.



#8 - Express Yourself


Come on Girls! Madonna harkens back to her days as a high school cheerleader in this rendition of her classic empowerment anthem! The queen of tongue-in-cheek, Madonna mixed in elements of Lady Ga Ga's "Born this Way" - showing Mother Monster how dancing is really done.



#7 - Like a Virgin


No wedding dresses in this performance. This is the sequel to Madonna's classic 1984 MTV VMA Performance. Stripped down, laying on the floor, and singing with only a piano and violin behind her, this is the most emotional moment of the show. Shrewd fans will recognize the backing tune as "Evgeni's Waltz" from the 2011 film she directed W./E. The song ends with a backup dancer coming up behind her with a corset he pulls so tight it literally sucks the air from her.



#6 - Give Me All Your Luvin'


Cirque du Soleil style theatrics on speed make Madonna's first single from MDNA a show stopper. The high energy "Just Blaze Remix" compliments Madonna's jaw dropping cheer-krumping while a full marching band is suspended from the ceiling drumming away with finesse. Concert goers have never seen anything quite as spectacular.



#5 - Girl Gone Wild


The show opener, Girl Gone Wild opens with the line "Oh My God" blaring through the arena. With a bass line which makes your whole body shake, a pulpit emerges from behind the massive screens revealing Madonna's shadow as confesses her sins. As the song kicks in Madonna shatters the "glass" from which she stands behind brandishing a semi-automatic assault weapon. Mixed with samples from "Material Girl" Madonna is literally a Girl Gone Wild - struggling against the forces of darkness and light. The song sets up the show as Madonna's most visually impressive, with moving set pieces and the largest concert video screens ever to hit the road.



#4 - Gang Bang


Inarguable the most controversial moment of the MDNA Tour, Gang Bang is the tale of a scorned lover out for revenge. A rarity in a Madonna concert, an actual set emerges with a motel room scene. Lots of blood, lots of guns, and lots of violence Madonna is taking no mercy and knows she going straight to hell (if only to shoot her lover again once she gets there).



#3 - Vogue


Madonna has performed Vogue so many times it's hard to believe she can continue to keep the song fresh. But she succeeds on the MDNA Tour with the most glittering and high fashion version of 1990 club anthem ever. The mix may be similar to the one she performed at 2012's Super Bowl (her half-time show was the most watched event in TV history) but the scene couldn't be more different. Wearing an updated version of the classic Jean Paul Gaultier Cone Bra, Madonna proves she is the queen of high fashion divas. This is definitely a trip down the runway everyone can enjoy.



#2 - I Don't Give A


Madonna is rocking the guitar in this anthem to all the single working mothers out there. She's too busy connecting to the wifi to give a * about what you think about her. Nicki Minaj makes a cameo on the giant screens in the background telling the audience "There's only one Queen, and that's Madonna". And of course, she is right.



#1 - Like a Prayer


Probably one of the best pop songs ever written, Madonna couldn't end the show before singing "Like a Prayer". The song is high energy with a full choir standing behind her. Madonna has never connected to her audience more as she reaches out her microphone to several fans throughout the song demanding they sing along with her. This is one of the most iconic performances of the song to date.